Category : Speedometers
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Asking price : Rs. 3,900.00
Date : 30 Oct, 2017

Polar's neat, and snappily named, CS200cad computer gives you your heart rate and cadence information alongside speed and distance measurements and it's all saved in files that are uploadable to Polar's online training diary if you have the right hardware.

original price 12000 rs. priced to sell. get it now :)

Setting up the CS200 is easy. I've used Polar products loads in the past so maybe I've got used to the way they do things, but I can't imagine anyone would struggle too much. Both the speed sensor and the cadence sensor are wirelessly linked to the head unit so you don't need to worry about routing any wires.

You zip-tie the sensors onto your frame and fork, and attach the magnets to a spoke and the crank arm so that they pass within 4mm of the sensors to register. One thing you might think odd is that you can't change the battery in either the speed or cadence sensor, although Polar reckon each will last for years.

The spoke magnet will fit the vast majority of spokes, even aero ones, although there's a chance you might need to get yourself another magnet if your spokes have a really unusual profile. Once set up, I've not had any problems with interruption to the signal. It can happen under power lines and at traffic lights but I've not had any of that and a whole bunch of different bike lights haven't had any effect on it either.

Mounting the head unit to your bars or stem is equally simple. Again, you just zip-tie the mount in place and twist the computer on. It could hardly be easier and it's perfectly secure. Removing it is just as easy - it takes a second.