Why service your bike at BUMSONTHESADDLE?

Service is our speciality.

We have spent over a decade worth of working man hours to ensure we offer the best in the country. We have the tools, knowledge, processes, the spares and most importantly trained folks to pull it off.

From the very beginning we have advocated a DIY approach to bike maintenance. Every biker born out of BUMSONTHESADDLE is taken thru an intense bootcamp to ensure they are equipped for this. Apart from regular maintenance we recommend you get your machines checked professionally - specialized knowledge, correct tools and a trained eye often save money and ensure safety of the bike and the biker.

We stand by our service with a two week service warranty - any issues you are welcome to swing by and get it sorted out on priority.



Rs. 1,900

Those bearings are really hurting by now and need some lubrication. We strip and clean the frame till it shines. As we rebuild the bike we ensure all bearings are super smooth. Nothing is left out.


Rs. 900

Get's this bike back to the “smooth” glory days. Slick crisp shifting, true wheels, a clean and precise drivetrain.


Rs. 400

Get's you back on your bike and riding quickly. All safety checks done, crisp shifting and precise braking!