Working here means you're a part of a successful team driven to get everyone to ride a bike. And do a kickass job at it!


  • Bike Shops

    Bike shops are awesome!

    Our bike shops are the core of our cycling company. Beautiful, creative & energetic spaces where cyclists are born and passion is ignited. They allow us to be deeply rooted with the cycling culture of a city and connects us with local bikers and bicycling. They inspire us to become better!

    Current Openings

    • Bangalore
      Wrench | Bike Specialist | Bike Mechanic | Bike Fit
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  • Distribution

    It’s all about connecting Supply and Demand in the shortest span of time, economically. Its about being smart about what bikers need and ensuring its readily available at our bike shops, via e-commerce and other bike shops we deal with.

    We aim to ensure our riders have whatever they need to enjoy their riding even more.

    Current Openings

    • Bangalore
      Sales Reps | Supply Chain & Warehousing
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    We believe we can improve the cycling experience with the aid of smart software - from hardcore E-Commerce systems to simple day-to-day tools that will make maintaining and riding a bicycle that much more simpler.

    Apart from community based tools we are running some of the best cycling specific e-commerce infrastructure in the country at the moment.

    Current Openings

    • Bangalore
      Customer support & fulfillment
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    Bike culture is awesome and we strive to promote it across the country.

    These roles allow us to actively seed, grow and impact cycling communities around us and sharing our awesome world with everyone.

    Soul satisfying stuff!

    Current Openings

    • Bangalore
      Interns | Ride Leaders | Evangelists
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    Benefits of working in the CYCLING INDUSTRY

    • Retail is one of the fastest growing industries in India. This could be the start of a career path with lots of opportunity

    • Bike shops attract healthy and active people, so you’ll be interacting with great people and doing good work

    • Most stores offer flexible work schedules that are often not available with larger companies

    • You would normally work directly for and learn from an owner, instead of a corporate headquarters or absentee owner.

    • You gain a great small business education

    • Sales of bicycle products promote economical transportation, healthy lifestyle, family recreation, improved environment and small business success

    • Employees gain knowledge, make friends, and usually have access to discounts on product

    • You are immersed in cycling the whole day!

    Benefits of working at BUMSONTHESADDLE

    • Startup Environment

      You get to work in a startup environment

    • Fast Growing Industry

      Be a part of the fast growing cycling industry in India

    • Do What You Love

      Doing what you love and make a difference

    • Part of a Movement

      Be part of a movement that is going to change the way the world looks at cycling in India

    Interested yet? Be a part of one of the most dynamic and evolving industries in the country.

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