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Steadfast Nutrition Wheylo (Wellness)

Wheylo consists of easily digestible whey protein concentrate with the goodness of coconut milk powder. It provides 18.6 grams of protein per serving to uplift your daily protein intake for healthy muscle functioning. Wheylo is a perfect source of complete protein with good fats. It is the premium solution for lean muscle gain, muscle maintenance and availing the benefits of good fats present in coconut. Wheylo is an ideal combination of good taste, healthy nutrition and  multifunctional protein fit for everyone.
  • Increased muscle growth - Wheylo being a high-quality protein when becomes the part of a balanced diet and planned workout then it promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue. It is rich in all essential amino acids especially leucine. Studies have shown that out of three BCAAs, leucine has a chief role in triggering skeletal muscle synthesis.
  • Helps maintain muscle mass - After a vigorous workout session, Wheylo is a delicious way to repair exercise-induced damage to muscle fibres. It is an effective way to prevent further muscle loss, reduce soreness and regain muscle strength.
  • Helps in managing weight - Wheylo being rich in protein helps provide satiety and reduces the level of hunger hormone - Ghrelin. It renders the necessary protein for the building of muscles so that our body burns excess carbohydrates and fats to derive energy. Fewer calories and high protein content also make Wheylo useful for weight watchers by assisting in reduced calorie intake.
  • Antioxidant-rich and reduces inflammation - Wheylo is naturally rich in Glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant and proficient in protecting our cells from getting ruined due to oxidative stress and free radicals. It also minimises inflammation caused by free-floating C-reactive proteins which are inflammatory in nature. 

Whey Protein Concentrate 80%, Coconut Milk Powder, Sucralose

  • Strength Athlete - Strength athletes need to increase their protein intake as they are required to grow bigger muscles. Intense workout also leads to muscle the loss so athletes have to provide that extra protein to the body to compensate for loss and synthesis of new ones. Wheylo fits perfect in attaining those increased protein needs and 1-2 sachets of Wheylo are recommended per day.
  • Endurance Athlete - Similar to strength, endurance athletes also need protein but their body utilises protein in a distinct way. They need protein to repair muscles that breakdown daily during training. Poor muscle health might affect athletic performance. 1-2 sachets of Wheylo is recommended per day for an athlete involved in a high endurance demanding sport.
  • Individual aiming to meet daily protein needs - Protein deficiency is prevalent around the globe. Protein is crucial for a sedentary person as it ensures the smooth running of all body processes. Unfortunately, urban lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and demanding work schedules have made most of us protein deprived. Including Wheylo in our daily diet is a flavourful, convenient and hassle-free approach to satisfy the every day protein necessities.
  • Wheylo can be consumed at any time of the day as a healthy shake to improve the daily protein intake. Consume 2 servings daily by adults.
  • Each 30 gm sachet to be reconstituted in 200 ml of water or milk.


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