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Park Tool School | Bike Maintenance Classes

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Bicycles are fantastic - an excellent transportation option, and a versatile recreation tool. As with any machine with moving parts, it requires maintenance. Brakes on your bikes work thru the principle of friction which constantly wears brake pads and bicycle rims down and requires regular maintenance, adjustment, and replacement. Cable or hydraulic systems which operate the braking and shifting require basic adjustment and replacement. Chains wear over time and are simple to replace and save a ton of money by preventing unnecessary wear on other drive train components. Grease and lubrication in various parts of the bike wash out or break down over time and needs renewing to safeguard bearing systems.

The Park Tool School is a hands-on maintenance and repair clinic written by Park Tool and taught by experts at our bike shop. By learning basic repairs and preventive maintenance, you'll be confident in your bike's safety and save a bundle over time.

  • Learn how to be more self-reliant on the road or on the trail
  • Save money by doing your own basic repairs and maintenance
  • Learn bike industry lingo and be better prepared to deal with your local bike shop or when ordering parts
  • Learn what can be DIY and what requires a professional eye

A must-attend session for everyone who loves to ride and is keen to pick up the fundamentals of bicycle mechanics and DIY skills from qualified bicycle mechanics. The session ends with a Q&A session, which often opens up new dimensions of knowledge via varied questions from all participants.

A great way to enhance your journey as a cyclist.

Course Details

The course is aimed at individuals new to cycling with little, or no prior knowledge of bicycle repair and maintenance, who don’t consider cycling their main hobby but who want the confidence to know that if something goes wrong with their bike they would be able to make it home safely and know that they are riding a mechanically safe bicycle. 

  • Flat Repair, Tire and Tube Design
  • Derailleur System Adjustment and Maintenance
  • Brake System Adjustment and Maintenance
  • Cable and Housing Maintenance
  • Emergency Roadside Repair
The instruction will be in the English language via the Google Meet platform - either by downloading their FREE app or you can also use a browser via the link that will be shared with you once you sign up for the session. The session can be accessed via your phone, computer, or tablet. A stable internet connection is essential and headphones will enhance the experience.

A notebook and pen will be useful to take notes as these sessions are not recorded but delivered live. Tools, having a bike on hand and prior cycling knowledge is not required.

The overall session typically lasts about one & a half hours.

Customer Reviews

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Great beginners session to learn more about your bicycle

It was good to see an online course like this pop up for those who are planning to work on their bicycle. The session gives a good set of broad guidelines to get you started and gives enough time at the end of the session for general questions and answers.

The session is targeted to be interactive and the instructor pushes for engagement which is good but feel that being virtual is the limiting factor to the whole class. If only it was in person, the value would easily double (if not more!)

Overall, really enjoyed the session, listening in and also taking part as I don't need much of a reason to pull out tools to work on the bicycle.

Thanks team!

Rachna Shetty
Very informative session


Thank you for the session on bike maintenance (March 27, 2021). It was fairly intense, given the amount of information, but I learnt a lot. Given the time constraints for the subject matter, perhaps you could consider a two-day workshop instead, with the first day being only for people who are very new bicycling. As someone in this state - I only just bought my first cycle - it would help to understand even concepts like DIY bike fits and adjustments and commonly used tools before moving on to the intensive programme of the parts of a bike and maintenance. This is just a suggestion :) Really loved the session overall. Thank you for answering all questions patiently. I also felt the pace of information sharing during the session was good. It didn't feel rushed at any point.

Arvindkumar Shanmugam
Feedback on Mar 27,2021 session by Lakshmi Venkatesh (BOTS)

The session was very good and Lakshmi Venkatesh is very articulate and methodical in explaining stuff in a manner which is easily understandable and interesting. My feedback and request is that since you have started this initiative, it is better to have this session as series of session rather than a 1.5 hour session. You could also think about getting out a guide which we can purchase. Lot of riders do long distance rides/Brevets and this knowledge would come in handy when we are stuck on the highway or inner roads with no access to a cycle shop. So please think about sharing knowledge through a series of sessions or books. I am sure that you will find people willing to spend to become more knowledgeable about handling basic repairs. Kudos to BOTS team and Lakshmi Venkatesh for this session..Keep doing it pls

Chandu Rajanna
Very well handled training

The training was good, would have been a better experience had there been multiple cameras or a camera with someone handling it. Was not able to SEE clearly.
Having said that, the knowledge of trainer was very good.

Sunil PV
Basic bike maintenance for TdM participants

Like the coverage
Session was interactive
Also received a checklist that was helpful