ORP Horn And Light

Orp was built to make you more visible by making you hearable. Orp combines a dual-decibel horn and front beacon light within a super-small, super-light, weatherproof and USB rechargeable package. Orp's integral strap makes mounting a breeze for almost all handlebars. All Orps come complete with the Orp Power Kit, a shim for smaller-diameter bars, and are REMORP ready.

  • Press Orp's Wail Tail up to warn pedestrians and fellow cyclists with the 76dB friendly sound. Press down for Orp's 96dB Loud sound for cars and traffic. In addition, Orp's LEDs fire every time the horn is actuated, so you can be seen and heard.
  • With REMORP, horn actuation is always under-thumb on any handlebar setup. No need to lift a hand, and horn actuation is that much faster.
  • Friendly sound: 76dB   Loud sound: 96dB
  • LED output: 2 lights @ 70 lumens each (boost to 87 lumens), 120º cone
  • Battery Life: 3 hours with lights in Constant-On mode, 11 hours in Slow Strobe
  • ORP weight: 89 g (3.17 oz)
  • Handlebar Diameter: Orp stretches to fit handlebar diameters 26-33mm. A shim is included for thinner bar diameters.
  • Housing: Electronics are housed in a High impact polycarbonate case that is surrounded by a silicone skin  making the product weather and shockproof
  • Orp is accident resistant

Customer Reviews

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ORP Light and Horn

The product works. The customer service was responsive. But I dont like the fact that the product that is sold at about 4k comes in really bad condition.

The customer support did offer a replacement - but I think I shall hold on to the one I already have as it is working as expected. Just that they have to make sure the dispatch are done in a good way. This really takes out the confidence - for example I am interested in the Wahoo smart trainer - tbh I would be confident to buy from Amazon US than from BOTS now!

Sorry about the dusty product and Srinivasan. Thanks for sharing a clear review and also appreciating our prompt customer service and the offer to fix this for you. There are situations when product can have issues - but we're here to sort you out. We're committed to work closely with vendors across India to make sure our riders have the best possible experience. Hope to have you getting your trainer thru us! You won't be disappointed. Thanks for taking the time to leave this feedback. It's super useful for us to understand where to tighten up and for our customers to also understand the purchase and support experience at BUMSONTHESADDLE.