IceToolz Bleed Kit


Universal bleed kit for all hydraulic disc brake systems. Sutiable for use with Mineral and DOT oil. With one pair of NBR Gloves, new syringes with adaptor to fix on the syringe and PU tubes tightly. With a releasable cable tie which can fix the PU tubes onto the calipers and two pieces tubing clips to on/off the flow of syringes.


  • 2 syringes
  • 2 30mm long clear tubes
  • 2 60mm long clear tubes
  • 1 8mm x 10mm spanner
  • 1 23mm fitting cap
  • 9 universal fittings for Avid, Formula, Hayes, Hope, Magura & Shimano-brakes
  • 2 tubing clips (on/off)
  • 1 releasable cable tie
  • 1 pair of NBR gloves
  • Set of instructions
  • Carry case

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