Stages Dura Ace R9100 Power R Powermeter Crank Arm

The Stages Power R is part of the Power LR power meter and allows right-side power measurement. Like all Stages powermeters, the Power R features Active Temperature Compensation (ATC) technology for consistent measurement. The measuring accuracy is + 1.5 / -1.5%, whereby the measuring sensors generate just 20 g additional weight. 
If you have Stages Power R with the Stages Performance Ecosystem Stages Link(Training platform) + Stages Dash (bike computer) combined, it provides you with additional data, as used by professional cyclists, to get the most out of their performance. The Stages Power R Powermeter is not only compatible with the Stages Dash, but also with any third-party bike computer, as long as it can display performance and works with ANT + or Bluetooth®. 
Stages Powermeters have accompanied athletes en route to Tour de France victories and many National and World Champion titles. If racing is regarded as the toughest test bench for the best products, then the Stages Powermeter as a power meter has more than proven itself.

  • Application: Road, Triathlon 

  • Version: Crank arm with power measurement (right) 

  • Compatibility: Shimano 2x11-speed 

  • chainring attachment: 110 mm bolt circle, 4-arm asymmetric

  • Technical specifications:

  • Material crank arm: aluminum 

  • material chainrings: aluminum, carbon / aluminum 

  • gradation: 34-50, 36-52 

  • crank arm length: 170.0 mm, 172.5 mm, 175.0 mm 

  • Q: 146 mm 

  • Shaft diameter: 24 mm (Hollowtech II ) 

  • Compatible housing width (with BSA 

  • bottom bracket ): 68 mm bottom bracket (recommended): BB-R9100 or SM-BB92-41B PressfitHollowtech II (must be ordered separately) 

  • Accuracy: +/- 1.5 percent 

  • Measurement point: Crank arm Equipment 

  • : Button cell CR2032 

  • Operating time: at least 200 hours 

  • Measured values:Cadence (20-220 rpm), Power (0-2500 W), Torque Watertightness 

  • : IPX7 

  • Transmission protocol : ANT +, Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth 4.0)


  •  right side power measurement (sensor on the drive side) 

  •  can be combined with all left Shimano Hollowtech II Road crank arms (for frame compatibility see manufacturer's

  • instructions ) - only compatible with Dura-Ace R9100 (and Ultegra R8000) chainrings (chainrings included) 

  •  flat design with robust Connection between battery 

  • cover and housing - Battery service by user: with the help of a Phillips head screwdriver 

  •  active temperature compensation 

  •  built-in cadence sensors , no magnet required 

  •  integrated LED display visualizes battery level and calibration result

  •  Improved accelerometer and additional integrated ring laser for improved cadence resolution 

  •  Wireless firmware update via Stages App 

  •  Near-field communication (NFC) with tap-to-pair for easy connection to many smartphones and other devices 

  •  Improved Bluetooth and ANT + antennas increase data transmission power 6 times 

  •  extra weight only 20 g 

  •  Stages Power R for additional compatibility with special bike models (eg Cervelo P5 or others with Direct Mount brakes), where the Stages Power L due to interference of the Powermetergehäuses with the frame / The brake is not compatible 

  •  possibility to upgrade an existing Stages Power L to a Stages Power LR

  •  Compatible software: StagesPower App, Stages Link, TrainingPeaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and others


Stages Powermeter
No moving parts and everything packed under a very sturdy ABS PC case - the Stages Powermeter does not hurt the structure and thus the stability of the crank arm. He adds the ability to measure power to the crank.
Power is the measure of the mechanical work you do on the bike and the most accurate way to measure your effort. Unlike heart rate, which is heavily dependent on physiological factors such as stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, ambient temperature, time of day, fluid balance and other factors, performance shows exactly how much work you are doing and how effective your training is. Performance measurement is the perfect tool to understand what progress you are making during your workout, as well as how your performance level and state of fatigue are developing. Simply put - if you want to know how well you are in shape, check out your power. 
The detected cadence and torque data (see below) are multiplied to determine the power of a pedal turn.

Torque Measurement
To measure torque, Stages specially designed strain gauges are precisely placed along the crank arm. Strain gauges, which are used in a similar form in aerospace, can detect the smallest bends even in the stiffest crank. Each pedal revolution causes a minimal bend along the crank arm. This downward force occurs every revolution. Multiplying this force by 9.8 m / s2 and the length of the crank arm gives the force applied per pedal revolution - this is the torque. 

The Stages Powermeter measures the cadence via an accelerometer (same technology that allows smartphones to adjust the display depending on the position). The accelerometer is part of the proprietary electronic circuit board, eliminating the need for obsolete magnets, external sensors and cable ties to measure cadence. This state-of-the-art technology also allows the powermeter to detect the position of the crank several times per revolution. This results in faster information sharing and better performance data. 

Active Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Stages power meters are equipped with an active temperature compensation (ATC). Different temperatures ensure that strain gauges expand or contract to a certain extent. ATC allows the power meter to compensate for temperature changes that would otherwise affect the strain gauges and their ability to measure forces accurately. The most important thing is that the Stages ATC works automatically and continuously while driving - so you do not have to stop pedaling. 

ANT + / Bluetooth Transmission
The Stages Powermeter was the first power meter on the market to use Bluetooth Smart transmission in addition to ANT +. 
- Provides bi-directional communication between the Stages power meter and a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled cycling computer 
- sends more data per second to terminals compared to ANT + 
- makes every Stages powermeter future-proof as wireless updates are possible 
- no need for cables or external ports - Update your firmware easily via your smartphone 
- Load training sessions from your smartphone easily and directly to Strava or TrainingPeaks. 
ANT +:
ANT + is the gold standard for wireless communication in the cycling and fitness industry. The system is simple, stable and allows cyclists to add power to the ANT + enabled cycling computer. 

StagesPower app
Make your power meter sustainable. The data recorded by your Stages Powermeter can be directly transferred to the StagesPower App. Use the app to update your firmware and have access to innovation. Check if new firmware versions are available. Perform a zero point calibration of the power meter using the app. Track power and cadence. Observe the battery level of the power meter. In addition, you have high-speed data recording available, which impressively demonstrates the sensitivity of the Stages Powermeter and enables scientific data acquisition. 

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