Unior Bottom Bracket Tapping Tool BSA - 1697

This tool is used for tapping the threads in the bottom bracket shell of a frame. The 1697 supports the BSA bottom bracket standard. When cutting left and right thread insert the tool at one time parallel from both sides into the bottom bracket shell of a frame. Always use cutting oil when using this tool. The design enables effective and precise work.

  • Ideal tool for fixing bottom bracket threads on the frame or removes excess paint or dirt from threads

  • Magnetic handle eases assembly of the tool

  • ergonomic heavy duty double component handle

  • BSA standard - left & right thread tap 1.3/8 × 24 TPI

  • Reamer’s magnetic handle 1695.1/4BI or 1695.1/4BIUS

  • Reamer holder for 1697.2/4

  • Left & right tap BSA 1.3/8 × 24 TPI

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