How do I pay for a purchase?
We accept all major Visa and MasterCard debit cards, credit cards, and even Net-banking. Cash on Delivery is a popular payment option too.

Which cards will you accept?
We will accept all Indian Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.

Which International cards will you accept?
We do not accept International cards.

Do you have Cash on Delivery?
Yes! When you place an order using Cash on Delivery option, the products will be booked for you. We will get in touch with you and confirm the order with you before dispatching the product to your address. 

How safe is your payment system?
We utilize the services of PayU, a well-known and highly respect payment processor, to handle our financial transactions for the site

  • Globally, they are one of the largest consumer payment processors
  • Their parent company is pretty big - USD 15 Billion (that's a LOT of bicycles!)
  • They have a rock solid India team (we can vouch for this)
  • Used by quite a few popular Indian e-commerce businesses

Payment has gone thru and you have not received an order confirmation?
No worries. We are on your side to ensure justice prevails. Just shoot us an email with order details at and we will ensure you are sorted out.

Anything and everything with respect to payment!
Just shoot us an email at and we will ensure you are sorted out.