BUMSONTHESADDLE Start Line Support is an initiative to provide kick-ass technical support to race and brevet participants to ensure they ride safely while pushing themselves at the event.


Not being able to ride or race at an event because of mechanical issues is always disappointing. Being riders ourselves, we decided to solve this problem and get more riders completing events successfully. Creating more riding opportunities has always been one of our pillars at BUMSONTHESADDLE and providing neutral support at events was right up the alley!

November 2015, our team of Bike Mechanics set out on for a trial event in Bangalore. A handful of bicycle tools, a bicycle pump and a work stand, they set off to provide technical support at a 200 kms Brevet. And the rest as they say - is history.

We're stoked to have been given the opportunity to successfully provide support at plenty of community run activities over the years - predominantly races, but the occasional brevet and some organised events too. The joy of turning around unfortunate mechanical situations have been awesome and the gratitude in return have kept us gunning to provide more. Having realised how much pre-race support is required, we have successfully signed up with the Bangalore Bicycle Championships (BBCh), Bangalore Mountain Festival (BMF) & the Bangalore Randonneurs communities to provide technical support at all their events. 


"For a rider like who loves doing last min prep before a race (not always a good thing), there is always a high chance that I would missed some tweaks on my bike. But off late I have stopped worrying about them as I know the BOTS start line support team will be there. They are spoiling is in a way. The important thing is they are there whether it is to top up the tyre pressure, quickly fine tuning the gear shifting, or any other quick checks and repairs on the cycle. They are also super proactive. As in they don’t wait for you to come to them. Instead if they notice something is off they instantly approach you. I experienced this in one of the criterium races. They noticed the my cycle computer was not positioned aerodynamically, so DJ quickly walked up to me with his Allen key and made a quick change. It’s not like I won the race or something but what’s important to me is the proactive intent to help a rider. Big big kudos to the BOTS team"



"We would like to thank BUMSONTHESADDLE for supporting our races by offering their technical support to all our participants. The team is highly energetic, skilled & passionate about what they do. We first partnered with them in the year 2015 and they have added a great deal of value to each of the races that we have organised. As event organisers we are happy and content with what they bring to the table. We look forward to many more years of working together"



"As a founder and organiser of Bangalore Mountain Festival (BMF), I am keen to grow the scale of my event year-on-year. I am thankful to all my support staff, they are constantly delivering great value and experience to riders. On the similar line I would like to mention about BUMSONTHESADDLE Start Line Support for ensuring that our participants bikes are taken care of before the race starts. The technical team is motivated to work hand-in-hand with event organisers to ensure adequate support is provided to participants. I would highly recommend other event organiser to partner with BUMSONTHESADDLE Start Line Support to be present at your event"