ABC Skipper Leather Saddle - Model 6

ABC Skipper Leather Saddle - Model 6


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ABC Skipper Leather Saddle, Model 6

ABC stands for Acoustic Bicycle Components, Happy Earth's house brand of quality components and accessories.

ABC saddles are classy, reliable and comfortable leather saddles made for Happy Earth in Tawian of fine Australian cowhide. The frames are sturdy chrome plated steel (except Skipper Model 6 Black, which has a matte black steel frame). The sides of the saddle are riveted together underneath, and this should keep the sides from flaring out with use. The rivets are chrome plated and the edge of the saddle is finely skived. A marked difference from Brooks saddles is that the underside of the saddle is covered with a fabric layer to protect the saddle and help keep the shape intact. These saddles tend to be much firmer out of the box compared to Brooks and may take longer to break in, but should also serve you much more in the long run.

The Skipper saddle is modeled after classic leather race saddles of cycling's golden years. It's thin profile reduces chafing issues that one may face with a wider saddle on a road bike. We recommend this for drop bar bikes where the handlebar is at or below saddle height. It also makes a good looking saddle for a commuter/city bike for riders who don't need the wide width of the Wanderer saddle. Weight: 545g.

The saddles does have loops for a traditional saddle bag. It includes an adjustment tool and a fabric bag to store your saddle in. For long term care we recommend the VO saddle care cream. One small tub should serve you for years. A little goes a long way - follow directions and remember to apply whenever your saddle goes "dry" or you see the sheen disappear.

Model Name Skipper Model 6
Dimensions 285 x 150 mm
Saddle Cover -
Shell -
Padding -
Rails Chrome Plated
Usage Road
Weight 545 g