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OYE mask is an effective anti pollution mask – an advanced respiratory device, which acts as a barrier against chemical and biological impurities, environmental toxins, pollen, atmospheric pollutants and harmful gases. It is developed with a superior technology of Activated Carbon Fabric (ACF), and filter capacity up to PM 2.5 ultra fine particles. Ideal as a bike mask or cycling.

Model Name OYE MASK
Application Vehicular Pollution in city Road and dust particles
Gender Unisex
Size M, L
PM 2.5 particulates FFP2
Active Carbon Yes
Product material Polyester material in different fabrics
Filter refill Yes
Mask Washable Yes (without filter)
Ajustable system On ears and neck
Description Unisex and kids Air Pollution Mask PM2.5 FFP2 is a high filtration particulate respirator mask with good breathability. The mask uses hypoallergenic technical textiles with dry fit that are soft on the skin and cool,yet at the same time offer the highest possible particulate protection. The mask has extra soft elastic ear bands for comfort and a malleable nose-clip for an airtight fit. Mask is full washable and filter refill are available
Features 1. High Particle Filtration Efficiency of > 95% 0.26 microns (FFP2), 2. Many colours and designs are available, 3. Active carbon layer (ACF), protection against ultrafine particles. 4. Low Breathing Resistance and cooling fabric. 5. Ergonomic design for air tight face fit. 6. Silky smooth hypoallergenic fabric. 7. Soft comfortable elastic ear & neck bands. 8. Malleable and soft noseclip
Protection against: Smog caused due to smoke, moisture and pollution in the air and Smog Swine Flu, air alergens (polen), Asthma

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