Continental Revolution Sealant

The ammonium and protein free RevoSealant reliably seals punctures and small tears, without chemically affecting the tyre or the tube. Not only for repairs, the RevoSealant can be universally applied to effectively prevent punctures in tubes and tubeless tyres. In addition, the RevoSealant can also be used as a sealer for tubeless ready systems, which are popular in mountain biking, with suitable corresponding tyres. RevoSealant is especially useful with Continental bike tyres and can be used at temperatures as low as -20° Celsius. 

  • ammonium and protein free
  • reliably seals punctures and small tears
  • does not affect the tyre
  • can be used as a flat preventative
  • for tubed and tubeless system
  • based on Continental’s automobile tyre sealant
  • applicable at temperatures as low as -20° Celsius 
  • effective for 4 to 24 weeks (depending on the use)


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