Elite Real Power Trainer

The trainer features the RITMO feet which allows the trainer to move incredibly naturally beneath you as you put the power down, separating you from that 'clamped in' feeling often associated with riding a trainer. 

RealPower is the only home trainer in the world that realistically simulates gradients up to 20%. It also comes with five real-life classic cycle race courses and a spare Q/R for those using Mavic or non-compatible Q/R skewers, Travel Block, Heart Rate Strap and five DVD courses.

The unit comes pre-assembled and folds flat for easy storage.

  • Conconi Test  software for full performance analysis
  • Internet racing bundled as standard so you can race friends and foes worldwide from the relative comfort of your home trainer
  • Data from Google Earth, Garmin and many other GPS sources allows you to create real life courses to ride whatever the weather
  • All the technical features of the RealPower Ritmo CT give you all the training data you could need
  • Fast Fixing mechanism allows one handed set up
  • Screw-thread roller adjustment mechanism
  • Extra large flywheel
  • Supportive straight-legged frame
  • 45mm ElastoGel rolle

Type: Trainers

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