Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack For Bike Storage
Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack For Bike Storage

Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack For Bike Storage


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Because you love your bicycles, when you’re not riding them you want to protect them and you need a simple, effective wall-mount bike parking solution. The Velo Wall Rack is a high quality, versatile bike storage idea for one bike. The arms independently adjust vertically, and have soft rubber protecting your bike’s finish, making the Velo Wall Rack a brilliant, minimalist bike storage solution for expensive road, cyclocross, mountain and electric bikes.

  • Ideal bicycle storage space for apartments, homes, garages and sheds
  • Soft rubber contact points protect frame finishes
  • Storage system fits most any road bike, cyclocross bike, mountain bike, or electric bike
  • Frame cradles safely accommodate most any frame tube shape
  • Innovative design independently adjusts arms vertically to position your bike perfectly
  • Durable anodized aluminum maintains a long-term clean finish
  • Provides an awesome bike parking solution for even the heaviest of bikes – 70lbs (31.8kg) max load
  • Cradles independently adjust vertically 7″ (17.8cm)
  • Cradles positioned 12″ (30.5cm) from wall
  • Mounting to standard wall stud creates secure bike storage solution
  • Mounting hardware included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Product is sturdy and that can be felt with its weight. Yes, the bike sticks out pretty far from the wall (much more than expected) but you do have the flexibility to mount it high on the wall leaving plenty space below it. All in all, a good product that will last long.

Looking to display your bike?

If you have a bike and want to show it off like the precious piece of art it is, use this stand!
Easy to use! When installed properly it can easily hold my XC bike (~14Kg) along with roughly 1.7 Kg of additional equipment and stuff (like filled water bottles, patch kits, mini pumps, tools, etc.) and possibly my second bike too! It also unofficially partially serves as a considerably cheaper work stand for me. The adjustable arm height allows my bikes to be displayed at various angles and also accommodates sloped toptubes. It does not scuff or damage the paint nor toptube. Unlike what most people would have you believe, Carbon bikes can be hung from it, case in point, my ~7.8 Kg 2021 BMC Teammachine SLR has had an enjoyable year hanging from the stand even with bottles and equipment.

Nevertheless, the product does have downfalls
- Sits roughly 30 cm (300mm) from the wall. (Your road bike will fit parallel to the wall, but your mountain bike - like mine - would have to have its wheel sticking out)
- If you use it as a work stand, DO NOT slam the rear bakes; your cycle will pop/fall off the stand.
- If you have particularly smooth bearings, the cycle's steerer tube can rotate and your wheel may not remain parallel.
- The cycle is in suspension, as such the bicycle oscillates a couple millimeters when my ceiling fan is at maximum speed.

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