Hutchinson Acrobat 700c Wired

Versatile profile road and dry roads. Its reinforcement puncture Protect'Air (1mm) allows Acrobat to ride with confidence without compromising its weight and performance. It features the concept Skinwall improving performance and comfort. The Acrobat is available in many sections.  Its profile is effective but remains square to reassure the most demanding cyclists. On top of an interesting design, its different reinforcements and sections offer an excellent alternative to make your bike a versatile way to get around without limits   
  • Multi-purpose profile suitable for riding in all conditions.
  • Protect’Air anti-puncture protection for worry-free riding without losing in terms of weight and performance.
  • Numerous diameters and widths available.
  • Designed for road riding and trekking on dry surfaces. 
  • 33 TPI casing 
  • Concept Protect Air 
  • Recommended 3.5 to 6 bar pressure 
  • Weight checked Alltricks: 660 gr 
  • Tube type
  • Protect Air

    Type: Tires

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