Hutchinson Intensive 2 Hardskin Reinforced 700c Foldable

The Intensive 2 has a very fitting name! Indestructible, puncture-proof, limitless, so many adjectives connected to its image!We have worked on this tire with the aim of maximum durability.

On the road, it is intended to reassure and will accompany you no matter how many hours are involved. Available in section 28 from now on, here is the result of this intensive concept!

  • An excellent tire for high mileage.
  • Perfect for durability, comfort and safety.
  • Reinforced casing protects against cuts and punctures.
  • High-performing compound on dry roads.
  • Double-compound for greater durability and durability.
  • Designed for long distance training and riding..
  • All-weather training tire with very good grip 
  • Very high puncture resistance (casing protection
  • Hardskin reinforcement protects the sidewall casing
  • Tread compound ensures durability

Type: Tires

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