Lezyne Front Light - Hecto Drive 350XL

The Hecto Drive 350XL is a compact safety light that delivers up to 350 lumens. The compact, durable and heat-dissipating CNC-machined aluminum construction makes it water- and dust resistant.

The one-piece MOR lens (maximum optical reflection) creates a smooth and wide light beam while and the cutouts are increasing the beam angle. The intelligent power indicator button allows the user to check the power level at any time. It can be charged cable free via the integrated USB stick.

Modes Hecto Drive 350XL:

  • Blast with 350 lumen (runtime approx. 1:00h)
  • Enduro with 150 lumen (runtime approx. 2:00h)
  • Economy with 75 lumen (runtime approx. 4:00h)
  • Femto with 15 lumen (runtime approx. 18:00h)
  • Flash 1/2 with 75 lumen (runtime approx. 11:15h)
  • Pulse with 75 lumen (runtime approx. 12:30h)

Little helpers, huge benefits The ability to be seen aids in safety and helps to avoid accidents. Safety lights with white LED are also handy to find your way, look for keys or gear in your pack. Thanks to flexible holders the lights quickly attach to packs, hiking poles, pavillions, baby buggies and much more.