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Airific N95 Anti Viral and Pollution Mask (Galaxy)

Airific mask’s natural filtration provides the highest protection possible from dust, ash, smoke, fumes, exhaust, odours, allergens, bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Nano Technology

‘Nanofibers are incredibly small fibers – thousands of times thinner than a human hair. Nanofibers form spiderweb-like structures which have an advantage over conventional or even natural filters due to their massive surface area, large pore numbers, and tiny pore size. Each mask filter is estimated to contain over 25km of nanofiber in an area less than 1mm thick’

Highly Breathable

Our nanofiber filter catch much smaller particles with a lower ‘pressure drop’ than other synthetic or natural materials making Airific Mask is more breathable than any other mask in the market.


Due to an extremely high ‘capture index’, Airific can be confidently worn in mild to severely polluted conditions while still looking stylish.

  • Embedded filters offer up to 200 hrs use in conditions up to 300 AQI

  • Highly breathable under all conditions including heat & tropics

  • We do not recommend washing the mask as it may compromise filtration efficiency

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