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Pirelli P ZERO Velo 700c Tubular Foldable

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This Pirelli road tyre benefits from the company's years of expertise at the top level of motorsport racing and helps to set a new standard for tubular tyre performance.

Using Pirelli’s SmartNET Silica® technology, this tyre provides outstanding grip in the wet and dry and unrivalled levels of puncture resistance. Pirelli’s “Functional Groove Design technology” gives this tyre a unique tread design where the grooves are deeper in the centre of the tread. These grooves get progressively shallower toward the edges, guiding water off the tyre to give you confidence inspiring grip, especially on corners.

FGD (Functional Groove Design): To fine tune the tread pattern of PZero Velo tyres, Pirelli drew from their motorsport technologies and inspiration from their Superbike Diablo Supercorsa tyre. This tread pattern does not only have an aesthetic function, it maximises performance in terms of water outflow, dry and wet grip, mileage. It also aids excellent tyre response as well as boosting both comfort and handling.

SmartNET Silica: This is Pirelli’s patented cutting edge compound and excels in every performance area. With its unique formula, developed through years of leading experience in motorsports, SmartNET Silica provides cyclists with a truly uncompromising experience. It offers low rolling resistance, enhanced wet and dry grip, long mileage, high puncture resistance and a low weight.

ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping): For the contour and construction of PZero tyres, Pirelli made use of ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping) technology to work on the shape of the tyre’s contour. The use of CAD software along with the subsequent analysis of the finite elements, helped to optimise the construction parameters and repeatedly simulate performance. This has resulted in PZero providing the best and most efficient footprint for cornering grip, stability, and a reactive response to riding straights, descents, or bends.

Tread - The rubber belt, the design of its pattern and the cross-section make all the difference in the performances of a tyre. The contact point between the ground and the bicycle is where outcomes are changed for better or worse. The Pirelli P Zero Velo Tubular Tyre is made of a mix of carefully selected and balanced chemical elements and engineered grooves, which greatly contribute to the tyre's outstanding performance. Made from Pirelli's innovative SmartNET Silica and ICS and FGD technologies, it provides all-round cycling excellence.

Rubber Compound - Pirelli’s SmartNET Silica is an important innovation in bicycle tyre compound technology. Thanks to its nano-rod conformation and the resulting network generation, coupled with the natural chemical water affinity of the Silica itself, it solves the traditional trade-off of rubber compounds, ranking high on opposite features such as rolling and wet grip, mileage and puncture protection.

Construction - Developed over a 127tpi casing, the tread on this tyre features Pirelli's Functional Design Groove and Ideal Contour Shaping technologies. The casing textile is designed to match contour for optimal footprint, while different crown and sidewall radii guarantee controlled and specific tyre deformation at different speed and lean angles. On top of this, Pirelli's lightning bolt groove design, derived from their experience in motorbike racing tyre design, adds optimal water drainage at different angles and force loads, while ensuring low noise output and quick warm up times, for immediate maximum grip levels, period.

Breaker - An aramid fibre belt is located underneath the tread in order to protect the casing from sharp objects. Aramid is a fibre with high cut and abrasion resistance. Its low weight and flexibility also ensure rolling efficiency and overall performance of the tyre.

  • Pirelli P Zero Velo 25-622 (700x28C) Tubular Tyre
  • Delivers extensive mileage and long-term reliability
  • Designed for modern wide tubular rims
  • Aramid fibre reinforced casing
  • Anti-puncture belt under the tread
  • FGD tread pattern design technology tuned for tubular structure
  • ICS technologies-powered tread design
  • Latex inner tube for better weight, rolling and anti-puncture
  • Soft Yellow compound for racing usage
  • Sold as one (1) tyre only
  • Use: Road Racing
  • Bead: Tubular
  • Tyre Type: Clincher tyre
  • Valve: 48mm RVC valve
  • Tyre Size: 700 x 25mm/ 700 x 28mm
  • ETRTO: 25-622 (700 x 28mm)
  • Casing: Corespun 320tpi
  • Anti-Puncture: Aramid Fibre
  • Compound: SmartNET Silica
  • Weight: 330g (700 x 28mm)
  • Country of Manufacture: Thailand
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  1. Exchange request to be initiated within 7days from the date of delivery.
  2. Item was delivered in a physically damaged condition.
  3. An incorrect item has been delivered to you.
  4. Delivered Item has manufacturing defects.
  5. This Product is Not eligible for Sizing related Exchange.

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