Prestaflator Bicycle Tire Inflator – Presta and Schrader Air Compressor Tool

  • Push/pull Alloy QuickClick2™ Angle Presta head.

  • Durable, rebuild-able, won’t bend the Presta pin or clog w/Sealants.

  • NEW – Quick-Clip Automotive Schrader head included!

  • Steel Gauge w/large Cooper coil internals for better accuracy.

  • Nickel-plated handle, variable-rate trigger, rebuild-able seals.

  • Reinforced high flexibility hose.

The original – Prestaflator!

The Prestaflator is designed with a long-throw trigger valve. Use a light squeeze or brief, rapid shots to gently inflate Bike tires to your desired pressure over a few seconds. A full squeeze on the trigger provides maximum pressure for seating tubeless tires. The dial pressure gauge lets you follow your progress visually. Designed for MTB & Road tires with a wide range of pressure requirements.

NEW Urethane Elastomer Head for Tubeless & removable cores.

The Prestaflator uses our new angled push/pull head with Urethane Elastomer Grommet. It’s the fastest and easiest Presta valve connection. It’s softer and stronger than our previous version.  It lasts more than 5 times longer, gives a better seal and flexes to work anywhere along the Presta shaft for better tubeless tire application.

Spin-on Schrader Hose head makes it a multi-purpose tool:

The Schrader Head on the hose threads right onto Automotive style valves.  The variable trigger on the tool makes it great for all sizes of tires: Automotive, Bicycles, Tractors, ATV’s and more!

  • Variable-rate trigger!

  • Presta AND Schrader!

  • Professional shop-grade tool.

  • 6061-T6 Alloy Presta Head.

  • Replaceable I/M compressor quick-release attachment.

  • 174 PSI (in 2 PSI increments).

  • 12 Bar (in 0.1 Bar increments).

  • Large 2 ¼” / 6 cm dial pressure gauge.

  • Rubber pressure gauge housing for shock protection.

  • Cast aluminum pistol grip handle with bead-blasted finish.

  • Two-finger trigger valve for precise air flow regulation.

  • Thumb-control pressure release button.

  • High-pressure hose for easy access on any wheel.

  • Head accepts many thread-on accessory Heads.