Rotor Flow Compact Road Crank

The moment you clip in and set off in pursuit of performance, that´s when you know how fast you can actually go. Designed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to maximize benefits, the paradigm-changing FLOW aero crank was made for both aero road bikes and pure TT bikes. It offers the time savings of classic aero cranks and the performance of leading road cranks, all at once. The focus on stiffness and functionality allow the FLOW to match and even beat full aero cranks in the real world. Stiffer than any other aero crank on the market, the FLOW saves you up to 6 seconds in a 40k TT.

  • MAS spider

  • crankarms 100 % CNC-machined

  • use with oval chainrings


Alu 7055

To build the best cranks, Rotor starts with the best materials. 7055 combines the superior physical properties of a 7000 alloy series with incredible fatigue resistance. Every single bar of raw material is checked by ultrasonic inspection to guarantee it free of internal defects. 7055 is used to craft Rotor’s 100 % CNC-machined cranks, like the FLOW, the 3D+, and the REX 1.


Manufactured with the latest technology. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining provides a precise and consistent manufacturing process. This is especially important when it comes to crafting bike components in order to ensure flawless functionality with respect to all the parts working together. Equipped with the latest CNC resources, Rotor parts are precisely machined to within a hundredth of a millimetre.


Allied against the wind. Rotor Aero components, such as Aero chainrings or the flagship aero FLOW crank, help cyclists maximize their wattage output in the war against wind resistance. Tapered FLOW crank arms optimize aero behaviour, while a smooth, solid aero chainring surface reduces aerodynamic drag.


Rotor´s CNC-machined cranks feature the Trinity Drilling System, which is a process that drills three full-depth holes along the axis of the crank. This allows them to remove excess material from the crankarm resulting in a lighter crank without compromising its exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio.

UBB System

Rotor’s “UBB” is a super-standard that encompasses all BB standards. It allows installation of almost any 30 or 24 mm axle crank from Rotor on the bike you have, regardless of its BB type.

Micro Adjust Spider (MAS)

“MAS” stands for Micro Adjust Spider and means “more” in Spanish. That’s what this technology is all about: more adjustability to further optimize your Q-Rings. Additional bolt holes allow for intermediate positions between a Q-Ring’s existing Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP). A standard crank and Q-Ring combination offers approximately 5 degrees of OCP adjustment. MAS together with Q-Rings offer half positions of approximately 2.5 degrees of OCP adjustment. This means you can micro adjust the orientation of your Q-Rings to fine-tune your pedal performance.

  • Crankarm Material: aluminium (7055)

  • Axle Material: aluminium alloy

  • Crankarm Length: 170.0 mm, 172.5 mm, 175.0 mm

  • Chainline: 43.5 mm

  • Q-Factor: 148 mm

  • Axle Diameter: 30 mm

  • Recommended Bottom Bracket: BSA, BB386EVO, BB86, PF30

  • Application: Triathlon, Road

  • Compatibility: 2-speed

  • Chainring Mount: 110 mm bolt circle diameter, 5-arm

  • Weight: black-red / 172.5 mm : 554 g

  • 1 x Rotor FLOW MAS compact crankset

  • 5 x Rotor chainring bolt

  • chainrings not included

  • bottom bracket not included

Type: Cranksets

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