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Shimano FD-M7025-H SLX Front Derailleur - 11 Speed

SLX - Front Derailleur - Down Swing - High Clamp Band Mount - 2x11-speed

The SLX M7025 front derailleurs offer Down Swing and TOP SWING options for frames with conventional mounting and cable routing for 2x11 speed MTB drivetrains.

  • Wide compatibility and improved driving stability
  • Increased traction range for long-travel and active rear suspension
  • Down Swing and TOP SWING
  • Series: SLX
  • Swing Action: Down Swing
  • Top Gear Teeth: 34-38T
  • Chain Line: 48.8
  • Chain Stay Angle: 66-69
  • Weight: 152g.



Rhythm and Range
The real advantage of 11-speed is the ability to have all the range you require without sacrificing the rhythm you need.

Wider Driving Range / Total Range Gear Range Comparison


RANGE Optimized Chainwheels

Chainwheels matched with specific sprockets for:

  • Improved gear quality and driving efficiency

    - Reduced cross-chain

    - Effective gear steps

  • Larger diameter, longer wearing cogs

At the range

DRIVING: gears are purpose matched to keep you riding efficiently without front shifting

CLIMBING: gears are chosen to compliment the lowest cogs and maximize seated traction

Driving range

DYNA-SYS11 maximizes rhythm with “rhythm step” gears in the most frequently used range.

  • Less front shifting thanks to optimum front gear teeth
  • Rider controls cadence and energy use by rear close ratio

Climbing range

DYNA-SYS11 maximizes rhythm with “rhythm step” gears in the most frequently used range.

  • Smooth shifting performance thanks to front close gear ratio
  • Rider controls cadence and energy use by rear close ratio

Highly Efficient gear combination

Driving efficiency is a key drivetrain performance indicator.

  • More speed for the same effort
  • Multiple front gear (2x, 3x) maintains higher efficiency in all range

Gear Ratio

M9000 series

Front double 36-26T, Cassette sprocket 11-40T / Front single 30T, Cassette sprocket 11-40T



HG-X11 Chain

Silky driving, accurate shifting
HG-X11 directional chain realize more smoother shifts and greater overall performance.
Right and left sides are optimized for front and rear shifting respectively.


Series SLX
Model no. FD-M7025-11-H
Color 1 Series color
2 -
Speeds Front 2
Rear 11
Compatible chain HG-X11
Action TOP SWING -
Down Swing
Mount Clamp Band 28.6 mm -*
31.8 mm ✔ (w/ M size adapter)
34.9 mm
E-type With bottom bracket plate -
Without bottom bracket plate -
Direct Mount -
Cable route type Dual-Pull
Top-Pull exclusive -
Down-Pull exclusive -
Front-Pull -
Chain line (mm) 48.8
Chain stay angle 66-69
Top gear teeth 34-38T
Total capacity 10T
Applicable Top-Mid tooth difference -
Multi access cable fixing bolt -
Angled stroke adjust bolt
Angled clamp band design
Link bushings 6
Front clamp band Material Aluminum
Finish Painted
Rear clamp band, base bracket Material Aluminum
Finish Painted
Clamp bolt Material Stainless steel
Finish -
Bottom bracket plate Material -
Finish -
Outer link Material Aluminum
Finish Painted
Inner link Material Aluminum
Finish Painted
Chain guide Material Steel
Finish Plated
Cable fixing bolt Material Stainless steel
Finish -
Stroke adjusting screw Material Stainless steel
Finish -
Average Weight (pc) (Band type: L size, direct type w/ bolt) 152 g
Note * S-size adapter is available in OTC package only.
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