Skin Elements Anti Chafing Cream

Skin Elements Anti Chafing Cream


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First time in India - Anti Chafing Cream for an Active life - Sweat-resistant - 12H protection

What is Chafing?

Chafing is caused by friction and can lead to blisters.

Skin Elements Premium Anti Chafing Cream creates a breathable protective film over the skin's surface to prevent chafing; while being water-resistant.

A healthy defense against chafing and blisters caused by friction and rubbing. It has been proven to work well for cyclists, runners, and athletes and will last for a long time. For non-athletes, it works great on skin irritation, heat rash, and skin disorders that cause discomfort. It is a 100% Vegan and Non-Petroleum product.


Solves all your chafing woes with 4 very simple active ingredients: 

  • Allantoin: Helps lock in moisture and hastens the shedding of dead cells, which promotes healthy cell development.

  • Tea Tree Oil: It is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic which can help in treating the cause of chafing.

  • Witch Hazel: The anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties of witch hazel make it an excellent treatment for irritated skin.

  • Aloe Vera Juice: Creates a strong and protective barrier by sealing in moisture which can soothe inflamed skin

How to use
  • Step 1: Dispense a small amount on your index finger and rub it in the areas you normally chafe

  • Step 2: That's it! Kiss your chafing concerns goodbye!

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Nice product

Useful for endurance riders


It’s been a few months since I’m using this.. great product for cyclists.A must have 👍