WPL Dry Chain Lube

WPL Dry Chain Lube


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WPL Dry Chain Lube Is A Premium Bio-Based Chain Lube Formulated For Dry And Dusty Riding Conditions. The Endurance Formulate Has Been Designed To Penetrate Deep Into Chain Links To Maximize Pedal Efficiency And Facilitate Gear-Shifting. The Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, And Ptfe-Free Formula Keeps The Mechanic And The Environment Safe From Harm. Class-Leading Surface-Binding Compounds Create A Thin Film Around Moving Chain Links To Create Unparalleled Performance For Riders Of All Disciplines.

  • Premium Bio-Based Formula Made With Natural Ingredients

  • Endurance Formula Designed For Dry And Mild Riding Conditions For All Bicycles

  • Advanced Surface-Binding Compounds Improve Pedal Efficiency And Reduce Wear

  • Penetrates Deep Into Chain Links While Repelling Contaminants

  • Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Ptfe-Free Formula Is Environmentally Friendly

Customer Reviews

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Somesh Kelkar
Wax based Chain lube

The WPL dry chain lube is a lubricant which has an xylene or an alcohol base with wax compounds in it. It is my guess that the alcohol or xylene prevents the wax in the bottle from solidifying. The chain is noisier when you apply this lube as compared to an oil based lube but it attracts almost no dirt so cleaning the chain is not frequently required. The dirt that does stick to the lube flakes off the chain along with the wax particles. My only complaint with this lube is that it has an offensive alcohol like odor and that this lube is flammable in nature. Other than that, this is my new favorite lube.

Sunit Singh
It works as expected.

This is my first dry chain lube. Once needs to apply a little more than what you're used to with a wet lube. But it keeps the chain clean for longer. I would recommend this product.

rishav kumar

good one if you are riding in dry condition mostly.

Rishabh Bhasin
Dry lube

Been using it for quite a while now. Does the work well

Urmi Das
Good and affordable dry lube.

I have been using this dry lube for past few months. It is a really good one and has very pleasant smell as well. Does not attract too much dust hence the chain does not get filled with grease. I have been cleaning my chain quite easily.