We know how exciting it is to get a new bike.
Our READY TO RIDE Service ensures you can ride your bike within a few minutes upon receiving it.


Experienced bike mechanics assemble your bike with precision in a professional bike shop setting using bicycle specific tools and procedures. This ensures your bike rides well and is safe to ride.

We unbox and review every bike to ensure there are no missing parts and that they all work together as desired - derailleurs shifting perfectly, brakes performing flawlessly, and wheels trued to perfection. The mechanics complete a 30-point checklist to ensure your bike is perfectly tuned, and every bolt is torqued to exact technical specifications. This is the same quality control process that we use for the thousands of bicycles that roll out of our bike shop to ensure they are high performing and are safe to ride.

The bike is taken for a thorough test ride where a trained rider ensures shifting and braking is to satisfaction. Brakes are bedded in to improve stopping power, wheels are destressed, and required cable stretch is achieved on this critical test ride.

The bike is reviewed once again by a bike mechanic before it is handed over to the packing team.

The packing team carefully wipes down the bike and packs the bike to ensure frame and parts are safe from impact. We then ship the bike using our proprietary bike box - the Bike Armor.


When you receive your new bike you need to complete a simple 5 minute procedure and you are ready to roll.

After removing your bike from the BIKE ARMOR, all you need to do is remove the protective packing and tighten the handlebar clamp with the tools we’ve provided.

You'll be riding in 5 minutes flat.

Proven to work even with the most mechanically un-inclined person.


Did you just receive your awesome bike and are all set to ride? Well, this is what the next 5 minutes will look like.