Imagine Ride Chapters in your locality with a kickass ride every weekend. All lead by enthusiastic, passionate riders who know the best routes, equipped to improve your riding skills and are trained to handle basic first aid if required.

Now imagine hundreds of these across your city!

We believe creating local riding opportunities are the best way to create a culture and lifestyle of cycling in our cities. We've experimented with this for over a decade and have put together a simple Ride Leadership program to help grow cycling in Bangalore.

Volunteerism and Passion for Cycling are two key drivers of this program.


We follow a simple light-weight structure to ensure we hit our goal of creating more cycling in the city, allow ride leaders to grow leadership & managing skills and allow cyclists to have more powerful experiences.

We would love to have multiple Ride Chapters across the city with each chapter driven by a Ride Lead.


The most important part of the program.
Ride Leads are passionate riders keen to lead rides, ensure riders are safe and know the best cycling routes in their area.

Enthusiasm and eagerness to support beginners along with the ability to push the experienced cyclist is critical. Remember, these rides are meant to be fun, a great way to explore new ride routes and also connect with other cyclists in your community.


Riders who have been leading rides for 6 months and more can play this role to help improve the quality and impact of their rides.

Managing a larger set of Ride Leads for the Chapter and collaborating with other Chapters across the city are some simple ways to improve impact.


Have the skills to manage and lead the effort at a city wide level?

The program will have a few riders who can oversee the entire project, assist and support riders and ride leads and see how best to improve cycling.

Quite simple, but impactful.

Want to volunteer for the Ride Leadership program?

We're looking for riders who love cycling, are keen to share their passion with others and get their local community riding. You don’t need to be an expert or a competitive racer (although that is definitely an inspiring plus), just confident about riding in a group and have good levels of cycling fitness. Enthusiasm, eagerness to support beginners, knowledge of local cycling routes and a passion for cycling is what we look for.

Please only apply if you are willing to lead rides in chosen areas in the city.


All images are shot by ride leaders from actual rides. If these images excite you to bits, make you want to head out for a ride, and if you think you can help us impact the culture of cycling in Bangalore - give us a shout! We would love to hear from you.