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Passionate about getting people to ride bikes? Driven to make a difference? Keen to be an integral part of the Indian cycling industry? We would love to hear from you. 
E-mail us at and let's talk.


Your core focus would be to drive a successful bike shop, engage with community and create value for cyclists in your city. We expect you to be knowledgeable about bicycles, ride regularly, enjoy engaging with local cycling communities, be ruthlessly organised, and extremely customer focused to deliver a fantastic rider experience at the bike shop.


Being a bike mechanic is not only about tinkering on bicycles. We believe in craftsmanship, taking pride in our work and constantly work on improving our professional service offerings. Doing a great job fixing bikes is just a part of the job.


Your goal would be to get more people on bikes! Your core focus would be to ensure every rider who walks into our bike shop is assisted, inspired and motivated to stay cycling. We need folks who love to put people on bikes, have a strong work ethic, excellent customer handling and sales skills.


It's all about engaging with riders and building our communities on digital platforms to help influence riding. As a business, we're heavy on marketing and believe its a fantastic way to grow the sport and lifestyle of cycling. Along with social media engagement, we strongly believe in understanding the deeper web to ensure our messages are effectively delivered.


Inventory management is all about ensuring riders have access to what they need, when they need it at the best possible price. If terms like Weeks of Supply, Inventory Turns, and Capital Asset Utilisation sound exciting, this might be a role to sign up for. Ensuring our warehouses are well maintained & have sufficient inventory to cater to our riders is a critical component of work.


We've been delivering to over 18,000 pin-codes across India since 2014 - thats a lot of riders! This role is all about ensuring cycling is accessible to a rider anywhere in the country in the fastest, cheapest and most reliable manner possible. This is a number driven role where quality of service is an important metric to ensure we create happy riders.


Customer service is our secret sauce! This role is critical and quite a lot of fun as you will be assisting cyclists across the country. The role demands self-motivated, organised team players with an upbeat demeanour, excellent telephone and computer skills, to ensure they deliver exceptional advice and rider support.


Our catalog management roles are critical to ensure our website is accurate and has all the information needed to ensure cyclists across India have sufficient information to help them purchase the correct bicycles, cycling accessories and spares from their city. Have a look at our website, think you can do better - we're happy to have you on-board.


We're fortunate to have access to the top cycling brands across the worlds. Super exciting for any cyclist. Our content creation roles help build visibility and create excitement among cyclists via workshops, excellent written content, simple but inspiring video and great story telling.

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