We service and repair ALL brands of bicycles!

A regular checkup is critical to ensure your bike is safe to ride, to prevent wear and tear of expensive components and to also ensure your bike is performing at its highest level to ensure our riders ride longer and more often.

We have a detailed service offering backed by bike mechanics who are trained to troubleshoot and working on a wide range of issues. Fast access to high quality spares, repair and service procedures to ensure we deliver consistent service experiences and brand partnerships with almost every brand available in the country allows us to delivery high levels of customer service.

While some basic repairs can be done same day or while you wait, most will require a check-in so that we can deliver higher quality of work on the bike.

Whatsapp (+91) 88611-77008 for service assistance


  • Every customer will receive a free service estimate and quote before we do any work
  • Every tuned-up bike leaves clean and tuned to the best of its ability - guaranteed for 2 weeks!
  • A detailed service report at the time of delivery


  • Suspension fork / rear shock tune-up: INR 500 - INR 1000
  • Suspension fork / rear shock over-haul: INR 1750 - INR 2500
  • Tubeless set-up: INR 800/wheel
  • Wheel build: INR 950 - 1150/wheel
  • Bike build: INR 2900 - 6500
  • Electronic drive train setup (Di2 / E-tap): INR 1200
  • Hydraulic brake bleed: INR 300 - 500/brake
  • Brake assembly over-haul: INR 300 - 600/brake
  • Pedal bearing service: INR 600
  • Derailleur clutch over-haul: INR 500
  • Shifter over-haul: INR 800
  • Carbon frame repair: (case - case basis)


Mahesh Londhe

IRONMAN Certified Coach & Triathlon Athlete

If you are Triathlete or Cyclist, this is a place to visit to get your bicycle serviced. You need not go anywhere else, get your "BUMS ON THE SADDLE" into BUMSONTHESADDLE. I visit this place very frequently to get my Triathlon Bike (MARIDA WARP – Carbon bike) and Road Bike (GAINT ECR) serviced." The technicians are experienced and they are riders themselves, which makes it easy for us to communicate problems on the bike. You can also expect fast and to the point response, exceptional technical knowhow, on time delivery, friendly and approachable staff & they handle bike with a lot of care, which is most important when you drop an expensive bike."

Sarang Arvind

Weekend warrior & aspiring
road  cyclist

The mechanics at BUMSONTHESADDLE are quite knowledgeable about bicycle maintenance and they also explain the reason for performing a particular service.  They are also very responsive to attending to a service. After ever service my bicycle riders very well for months to come."