3T Vola Pro Bridge And Extender Kit

Arm rests should be where you need them. The 3T Vola Bridge and Extender Kit Pro helps you put them pretty far out.

A wider stance is less aero, for sure, but it is also more stable. And more comfortable for long efforts. If you’re doing an Ironman-length ride and want to support your upper body so you can focus on pedaling, this kit will do it.

Include are three plates-one for the base bar, two to go wider, and eight bolts to secure everything. Maximum width goes up to a whopping 350mm from outside edge to outside edge.

The kit is compatible not only with the Vola Pro bars, but also the Clip On Pro and Vola original equipment models.

The 3T Vola Pro Bridge and Extender Kit adds comfort to your aero position.