Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light
Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light
Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light
Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light
Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light
Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light
Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light
Cateye  X SL-WA100 Wearable  Safety Light

Cateye X SL-WA100 Wearable Safety Light


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You can simply attach it to your clothing or pack with a one-touch, detachable clip, or directly to your bicycle via the included rubber strap.
Getting dark on your commute? Wear it.

  • COB LED (35 lm)

  • Low profile round shape

  • Clip-on bracket for easy installation to backpacks, saddle bags and clothing

  • Rubber strap bike mount included

  • Low battery indicator

  • Mode memory function

  • Battery Auto Save (Lighting mode automatically changes to slow flashing when the battery power gets low)

Recommended Use Commuter/ Urban
Brightness (In Lumens) 35
Power Source Li-ion Rechargeable
Mount Location Seatpost, Saddlebags, Helmet, Backpacks, Clothing.
Charge Time (In Hours) 2
Run Time (In Hours) High mode:1 hr Low mode:10 hrs Flashing mode:30 hrs Rapid mode:10 hrs Group Ride mode:10 hrs Daytime HyperFlash mode:13 hrs
Beam Modes High, Low, Flashing, Rapid, Group Ride Mode, Daytime Hyper Flash
Protection Rating NA
Dimensions (L x W x H) (In Centimeters) 4.6 x 4.4 x 1.6
Weight (In Grams) 16.5

Switch Mode Operations
  • On/Off: Press and Hold
  • Mode cycle: click button
  • Automatic battery-saving function : When the remaining battery power is low, the lighting mode changes to slow flashing. Charge the light as soon as possible.

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Terms & Condition

  • Service must be performed by Cateye or an authorized retailer. 
  • Insurance, handling and transportation charges to CatEye Distributor shall be borne by Customer.

**Above warranty terms applicable to Cateye Lights & Cyclocomputer only.

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