Jagwire Sport XL Shift Kit (Black)
Jagwire Sport XL Shift Kit (Black)
Jagwire Sport XL Shift Kit (Black)
Jagwire Sport XL Shift Kit (Black)

Jagwire Sport XL Shift Kit (Black)


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When it comes to cables and housing, some bikes just need more. With the same Slick Stainless inner cables and continuously-lubricated Slick-Lube housing as the rest of our Sport DIY kits, the Sport XL Shift Kit is perfect for folding bikes, tandems, recumbents, cargo bikes, and others with unusual cable routing.

  • Sport Slick Stainless cables combined with Slick-Lube housing offer dependable shifting performance and durability

  • Anti-Kink end caps are included to prevent housing damage when folding a bike

  • Single-ended shift cables are compatible with SRAM® and Shimano® drivetrains and are weld-cut for easy installation

  • All parts needed for a complete shift cable and housing installation are included

  • OEM-level cables and housing with high-quality small parts


LEX-SL - linear steel strands around a Slick-Lube liner

Linear Strand, Lubricated

Linear strands of steel are used to encircle the Slick-Lube Liner creating a compressionless ring. This delivers the responsive, precise, crisp performance necessary in shift applications.

STS - pre-stretched, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Slick Galvanized or Stainless Steel

An upgrade from basic cables, these galvanized and stainless steel strands are pre-stretched, then extruded through a die that removes the rough edges resulting in a smooth surface that reduces friction along the length of the cable. These cables are the most popular choice for riders balancing performance, durability, and cost. The stainless steel option offers greater resistance to corrosion.

What's included
  • 1 4000mm LEX-SL Shift Housing

  • 1 2300mm Front Shift Inner Cable

  • 1 2500mm Rear Shift Inner Cable

  • 7 Sealed Alloy End Caps

  • 1 Hooded Alloy End Cap

  • 2 Anti-Kink End Caps

  • 2 Cable Tips

  • 2 5G Tube Tops

  • 6 Cable Donuts

  • 2 Rotating Hooks

Housing Construction LEX with Slick-Lube Liner
Outside Diameter 4.0mm
Housing Length 4000mm
Cable Construction STS
Compatibility SRAM®/Shimano® Road and Mountain
Front Cable Length 2300mm
Rear Cable Length 2500mm

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