Park Tool GearClean Brush

Park Tool GearClean Brush


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Park Tool’s GSC-1 GearClean Brush has a unique design. A large comfortable handle with a curved, toothed-end reaches dirt deep between the gears, and tough nylon bristles clean the derailleur and chain. Saves wear and tear on your chain and freewheel. Works great on brakes or other places where dirt collects.

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Krishna Vamsi
waste of money

one can simply clean the gear with a tooth brush. 400 rupees is a waste of money. Please dont purchase it

Thanks for the feedback Krishna. A toothbrush, especially one that you've already used - is indeed a great money saver in the short term.

BUT, having worked on a LOT of bicycles - we still recommend the Park tool brush
- lasts much much longer
- LONG bristles - you can actually clean the grease that gets jammed into the cogs, not possible with your tooth brush
- save your hands. Its super easy to get a cut when you use a toothbrush with short bristles
- firm nylon bristles - these actually are needed to remove tough to remove grease. Tooth brush's dont really cut it
- its got a nice firm cog cleaner at the other end to scrub tough to remove harded grease

All for under Rs 400.

Basically this well thought out product by one of the top bike care brands in the world ensure you save a ton of money in the long run by proper bike care. Using the correct tools for the job is foundational in bicycle maintenance.

We sell a ton of these to happy riders across the country. We also use them in our service section in our Bike Shop.

Glad you purchased it - Im sure this will save you money, time and your hands over time.