Token Ninja PF30 BBRight Sram Dub Bottom Bracket

Token Ninja PF30 BBRight Sram Dub Bottom Bracket


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TOKEN’s NINJA bottom bracket solves the creaking issues, improves bearing life and adds stiffness to the bottom bracket.

The token starts with its Fusion technology; it is a combination of plastic and fibre that cover an alloy bottom bracket shell. The composite material allows it to be precisely machined and fit snugly in the frame so it doesn’t move in the frame and doesn`t make any noises. But plastic and fibre don’t do a good job of supporting bearings; poorly supported bearings can wear prematurely. Token house the bearings in an alloy shell and wrap it with plastic and fibre. This fusion of the three materials provides the bearings with a solid platform to sit on and extends their lives. A lot of people would be satisfied with this, but Token went even further by extending the alloy shell so the right and left sides lock together. This locks the frame, cranks and bottom bracket together and provides unparalleled stiffness.

The NINJA bottom bracket doesn’t just solve the problem of noisy bottom brackets - it actually improves the life of
the bottom bracket and makes your bike stiffer.



X-Seal technology is a patented seal that Token use on Their bottom brackets. The seals are made of two rubber rings that are housed in a CNC-machined alloy cover. This allows Token to make seals that are very precise and allow for less contact between the rotating parts in order to reduce energy-wasting friction. In addition, the seals provide better protection for the bearings since there is less space for the elements to get past the seals. X-Seal equipped TOKEN bottom brackets last longer, run smoother and waste less of your energy.

Premium Bearings

Premium Bearings are TOKEN`S high-carbon steel bearings. They make these bearings to a higher standard so they run smoother and last longer. They are suited to people who ride often in all conditions.


Fusion technology marries aluminium and nylon to give you a high-performance and squeak-free bottom bracket.
TOKEN’s Fusion bottom brackets are made with fibre-coated aluminium shells that precisely press into your frame. The fibre protects the frame from damage and makes the bottom bracket noise-free. It also allows the bottom bracket to be fit in frames that are slightly out of tolerance, without damaging the frame, crankset or bearings. Tokens use aluminium to support the bearings so they resist side-to-side movement and last longer. When the unique Fusion construction of the shell is matched with the bearings, it provides an incredibly durable and very smooth bottom bracket.

  • Type - Threaded
  • Bearing Type - Ceramic
  • Length - 73mm
  • Shell Width - 46mm
  • Thread type - English Threaded
  • Spindle Diameter - 46mm

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