Unived Elite Gel 180 (Vanilla Sea Salt)

Unived Elite Gel 180 (Vanilla Sea Salt)


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Unived’s Elite Energy Gel & Elite Drink Mix have been formulated to deliver multiple transportable carbohydrates in the optimal 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates. It is clinically proven that when we combine Glucose, which is oxidized via the SGLT1 pathway at a rate of 1g/min or 60g/hr, with Fructose, which is oxidized via the GLUT5 pathway, in a 2:1 ratio, the rate of ingested carbohydrate can exceed 1.5g/min or 90g/hr. The 2:1 ratio ensures a happy gut as it reduces abdominal cramps and improves gastrointestinal distress, due to a faster intestinal absorption of carbohydrates, and intestinal water absorption by 65% as compared with ingestion of glucose alone.

Unived’s Elite Energy Gel & Elite Drink Mix each contain 30g simple + 15g complex carbohydrates, per packet. The reason to go with 30+15 in both products, is to give you the freedom to consume either two Elite Gels, two Elite Drink Mix’s, or one Elite Gel + one Elite Drink Mix, per hour, and still get the maximum hourly carbohydrate intake totaling to 90g carbohydrates and 380kcal, per hour.

In addition, we’ve included Beta-Alanine which helps improve performance by buffering the acidity in active muscles during high-intensity exercise [9, 10, 11], Sodium Bicarbonate which delays the onset of fatigue by buffering the hydrogen ions produced by lactic acid buildup, and all the essential Electrolytes to aid re-hydration.

Endurance activities are always challenging and as the hours roll on, our body begins to respond to ongoing stress, external conditions, and various internal reactions, often leading our pallet and stomach to frequently change their flavour and substrate requirements.

Now, with the choice of a gel or a drink mix, various flavours, non-caffeine and different caffeinated options, you have the ability to plan your hourly caloric and caffeine intake in a manner that ensures optimal peak performance.

Unived is excited to present our Elite line of Endurance Fuel, revolutionary formulations, a first of its kind in the World.

The architecture of the formulations has been meticulously developed, in collaboration with many of the Unived Elite Athletes from across the World. The product development process has spanned nearly two years, with hundreds of batches and countless trials, and the products have been used and tested in various climatic conditions and across different terrain. We are honored to bring these product to market, and to finally offer them to you

Elite Energy Gel CONCEPT

In 2017 we began toying with the idea of creating a new gel & drink mix, with the desire to deliver the maximum hourly caloric intake via carbohydrates, while also reducing potential GI distress which can be caused by continuous nutrition intake paired with excessive physiological stress – both of which occur during long training sessions and long grueling races.

Our research showed us that while we can consume any amount of carbohydrates in an hour, we can only oxidize and absorb a very specific amount. Usually, when we consume more than we can oxidize, we create a bottleneck in the gut, and this sets off an unpleasant chain of experiences, some of which manifests in the form of GI distress, stomach and abdominal pain and results in athletes slowing down or dropping out due to severe discomfort.

Glucose, is oxidized via the SGLT1 pathway at a rate of 1g/minute, resulting in 60g/hour. Fructose, is oxidized via a completely different pathway, GLUT5. When we combine these multiple transportable carbohydrates in a 2:1 ratio, the total rate of ingested carbohydrate can exceed 1.5g/minute or 90g/hour[1]. This is possible because the carbohydrates are oxidized via non-competing pathways.

The Unived Elite line of products have been formulated for activities lasting greater than two hours. The Unived Elite Gels & Elite Drink Mix have the same optimal 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates. Both offer you 30 grams of simple carbohydrates, and 15 grams of complex carbohydrates, for a total of 45 grams of carbohydrates, and 190kcal, per serving.

The other ingredients in the two products have been adjusted in a manner to provide additional support to the body based on climatic conditions. We have made the assumption that one may consume more of the isotonic Unived Elite Drink Mix during the day when temperatures peak, perspiration rates are high, and thirst increases; and that one may prefer the Unived Elite Gels during cooler periods of the day, and at night, when perspiration rates are low, and the body is not as thirsty

During the day, when temperatures peak, you will experience high perspiration and your body will lose both fluids and electrolytes. You must aim to replace both and hence may want to consume more or Unived Elite drink mix and less of the Unived Elite Gels. Apart from 45 grams of carbohydrates, the Unived Elite Drink Mix contains 1gram of Betaine which acts as an osmoprotectant, protecting your cells from environmental stress under heat & humidity, 400mg of Beta-Alanine which buffers the acidity that builds up in our active muscles during exercise, 200mg of Sodium Bicarbonate which delays the onset of fatigue produced by lactic acid build-up, and all the essential electrolytes required to rehydrate you. These ingredients are important as they aid you in maintaining your performance, especially during challenging climatic conditions.

During cooler times and also at night, you may experience less perspiration and may want to consume more of the Unived Elite Gel which is a concentrated source of fuel, and a little less of the Unived Drink Mix. Apart from 45 grams of carbohydrates, the Unived Elite Gel contains 400mg of Beta-Alanine which buffers the acidity that builds up in our active muscles during exercise, 200mg of Sodium Bicarbonate which delays the onset of fatigue produced by lactic acid build-up, and all the essential electrolytes required to re-hydrate you. As the Unived Elite Gel is a concentrated energy source, its main role is to deliver energy and supporting nutrients to your body with an instant consumption.

Irrespective of the time of the day, to gain maximum benefit from the Unived Elite Endurance Fuel system, you must aim to consume two servings per hour, to get 90grams of carbohydrates and 380kcal, per hour

Always remember to consume the Unived Elite Recovery Mix within 20 min of completing a hard training run or a race for optimal recovery. For untra distant activities you may follow through with a second serving, 30 minutes after you consume the first 


During very prolonged exercise, ingestion of Glucose and Fructose, in a 2:1 ratio, results in greater carbohydrate oxidation rates than the ingestion of an isoenergetic amount of Glucose alone[2].

This is due to the fact that more than one transport mechanism is called into use, as Glucose is transported via the sodium glucose pathway, SGLT1, and
Fructose is transported via a different pathway, GLUT5[3] 

At our maximum capacity, we can transport Glucose via SGLT1 at a rate of 1gram per minute, resulting in 60grams per hour. However, when we coingest Glucose and Fructose, in a 2:1 ratio, we are able to transport 1.5grams per minute, resulting in 90grams per hour. 

The totale lactate oxidation increases when we consume glucose and fructose, in a 2:1 ratio. This coressponds to the lactate oxidation in our active muscle fibres, while part of the lactate oxidation may also take place in our heart muscles as lactate is efficiently used as an energy fuel in cardiomyocytes during exercise. Hepatic lactate update and conversion into glucose contributes substantially to total lactate disappearance. When multiple transportable carbohydrates (Glucose and Fructose, in a 2:1 ratio) are ingested during exercise, both hepatic lactate and glucose availability increase significantly when compared to ingestion of glucose alone. The total carbohydrate oxidation increases, essentially due to an enhanced oxidation of lactate. Because lactate is essentially oxidized by working skeletal muscles during exercise, co-ingestion of Glucose and Fructose not only allows an increase in total carbohydrate oxidation beyond what may be obtained with ingestion of Glucose alone, but it also provides additional oxidative fuel to active skeletal muscles during exercise[4].

Consumption of 90grams of carbohydrate per hour, from a co-ingestion of Glucose and Fructose in a 2:1 ratio, has the potential to spare muscle glycogen oxidation relative to lower doses of single carbohydrate ingestion, or even higher multiple carbohydrate ingestion. Ingesting higher amounts of either single or multiple transportable carbohydrates, can create an ‘over-dose’ effect, whereby effective and beneficial muscle glycogen oxidation and exercise performance and diminished[5]. Therefore, it is important to remember that you should not exceed the maximum ingestion of the products, which stands at 90gram per hour of Glucose and Fructose in a 2:1 ratio – this means either two Unived Elite Gels, or two Unived Gel Mix or one Unived Elite Gel and one Unived Gel Mix per hour.

There is also evidence that co-ingestion of glucose and fructose, in a 2:1 ratio, increases intestinal water absorption by 65% as compared with ingestion of glucose alone.



Beta-alanine is the rate limiting precursor to carnosine, an endogenous intracellular (muscle) buffer, and one of the immediate defences against the accumulation of protons in the contracting musculature during exercise (Lancha Junior et al., 2015). Carniosone (B-alanyl-L-histidine) is a dipeptide found in muscle tissue that acts as an intramuscular buffer of Hydrogen ions

It increases sceletal muscle carnosine levels, this supports the maintainance acid-based balance and improve daily 

Sodium Bicarbonate

The build up of acid inside our muscles is one of the factors responsible for fatigue. Increased acidity ultimately inhibits energy transfer and the ability of our muscles to contract, leading to a decrease in exercise performance. Sodium Bicarbonate helps us by neutralizing this acid build-up and thereby reducing fatigue and increasing performance.


Electrolytes are a key variable in determining sports performance as they mediate the constant transport of nutrients, enzymes, and water in and out of cells. These precious nutrients are the first casualty of exercise, as they are easily lost via sweat and urine. Our energy gel has been designed around your physiology, to recharge you with the major electrolytes that will give you strategic performance gains, no matter what your activity.

Refueling with sodium and chloride redirects precious fluids to your cells and major tissues, eliminating mid-activity cramps, nausea, fatigue, and stomach distress. A sodium top-up prevents the ‘gut bomb’ affect (vomiting during races) and ‘hyponatremia’ (nausea, fatigue, confusion) during long distances

Chloride works closely with sodium to regulate the body-water balance, helping you retain water better. It also limits the amount of precious hydration reserves lost to sweat and urine, and maintains the necessary volumn of fluids in your blood.

Magnesium is gaining prominence as a factor in influencing mid-race performance. Deficiency can result in a sub-optimal performance, as magnesium is important for the proper transmission of nerve impulses, muscular contraction, and energy production processes. Magnesium can also have a direct impact on the utilization of sodium, potassium, and calcium by the muscles. The longer and more intense your exercise, the faster the depletion of magnesium levels through sweat and urine. This depletion, if not
corrected, can cause muscle cramping, irregular heart rate, and fatigue.

Potassium is a major electrolyte that works closely with sodium and chloride in  maintaining hydration, and in generating electrical impulses in the nerves and muscles, including the heart. This translates to better muscle performance, even at the stage when you have already logged in several miles.


We strongly feel that this new combination gives you complete freedom. It takes math out of the equation as all we now need to focus on is consumption of two units, per hour. A unit being an Elite Energy Gel, or Elite Drink Mix. When temperatures are hot, you may find yourself drinking a bit more, and when temperatures are a bit low, you may find yourself leaning towards more concentrated forms of energy like gels

Some equations for you to consider below, based on hourly intake:

  • 2 Unived Regular Gels = 220kcal
  • 1 Unived Elite Gel + 1 Regular Gel = 300kcal
  • 1 Unived Elite Drink Mix + 1 Regular Gel = 300kcal
  • 2 Unived Elite Gels = 380kcal
  • 2 Unived Elite Drink Mixes = 380kcal
  • 1 Unived Elite Gel + 1 Elite Drink Mix = 380kcal

The Elite Energy Gel or Elite Drink Mix, can also be used in combination with a Unived Regular Gel. For example, one Elite Gel + one Regular Gel will give you 190+110 = 300kcal, delivering a total of 56g of simple carbs and 15g of complex carbs. Since 60g simple carb is the maximum we can absorb per hour, this combination delivering 56g helps us stay within limit. This combination tilts the ratio by increasing the total simple carbohydrates to total complex carbohydrates (meaning, it is no longer a 2:1 ratio) and gives you an edge with a spike in energy levels.


Unived Elite Endurance Fuel adheres to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)  guidelines, and the products do not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification or written confirmation of the same.

  • Clinically proven 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates
  • 190kcal per gel, along with Beta-alanine, Sodium Bicarbonate, and essential Electrolytes
  • Unived’s famous water-based consistency, light, refreshing, and scientifically formulated for peak performance
  • Co-developed with World Champion Camille Herron & Elite Trail Runner Hayden Hawks, along with crucial involvement from many of the Unived Elite Athletes
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