Ceramicspeed UFO Clean Bearing

Ceramicspeed UFO Clean Bearing


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The CeramicSpeed UFO Clean Bearings thoroughly remove grease and grime from within cartridge bearings. The unique properties efficiently breakdown grease and allow for simple cleansing of bottom brackets, wheel, headset, and pulley wheel bearings.

This is a non-toxic and biodegradable formula - environmentally friendly and safe.

Please note the new updated bottle comes with a precision nozzle instead of a pipette for easier storage and shipping.

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable formula
  • Thoroughly removes grease and grime from bearings
  • Developed and bottled in Denmark
  • Contains 100ml per bottle
  • Not optimal for general drive train cleaning.
  • Safe for carbon, glossy or matte painted, and anodized surfaces


Please note the new updated bottle comes with a precision nozzle instead of a pipette for easier storage and shipping.



When possible, standard maintenance can and should be done without removing the bearings from their cup, frame bore, or hub shell. This will limit potential stress or impact damage from knocking out the bearings and reinstalling them.

For cranks, remove the cranks, any spacers, and dust covers.

For hubs, follow the hub/wheel manufacturers' instructions for removing axle end caps and/or dust covers to access the face of the bearings.

With the face of the bearing visible, use a knife edge or flat pick to lift off the bearing seal starting on the inner lip (at the inner race) and carefully lifting up. Small, smooth movements will help prevent damaging the seal during removal. Once the seal is removed, wipe both sides clean, ensure it is completely flat, and set aside. You should now have access to the individual balls inside of the bearing. Using a cloth or shop rag, wipe away grease on the face of the bearing, revealing the balls. If you see a solid ring, you are looking at the back of the bearing. There is no direction to the performance of the bearing, but cleaning and maintenance are easier and more efficient when performed from the face/front of the bearing. You may choose to turn the bearing around at this time to allow adequate cleaning and ease of future maintenance.

Normal cleaning

To flush and clean CeramicSpeed bearings, UFO Clean Bearings was developed as a non-toxic easy-to-use bearing cleaner. Use the nozzle to add a few drops of cleaner into each bearing (Approx. 0,5 – 2.0mL dependent on the bearing size). Rotate the bearing to cause an ‘agitation’ effect inside the bearing.

After soaking for 3-5 minutes, use compressed air to flush out the grease and contamination. Repeat this process a second time if needed to fully clean the bearing. Once the bearing is visually cleaned out and rotates smoothly, allow the bearing to air dry prior to applying fresh grease. Follow the grease selection and application guide at the bottom of this document for the best performance and longevity. Once the grease is applied, reinstall the face seal by laying it on the bearing (the all-rubber side should face out) and evenly pressing it into the groove on the outer race. The seal should sit flat and even on the bearing. Be sure to take careful note of the direction on any dust covers when reassembling the parts.

  • Discharge - Pour
  • Biodegradable - Yes
  • Carbon safe - Yes
  • Post application - Leave on

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