Muc-off Punk Powder Cleaner
Muc-off Punk Powder Cleaner
Muc-off Punk Powder Cleaner
Muc-off Punk Powder Cleaner
Muc-off Punk Powder Cleaner
Muc-off Punk Powder Cleaner

Muc-off Punk Powder Cleaner


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The world’s first plastic-free bike cleaner: Punk Powder! A seriously powerful formula with sustainability built in, that has the same epic power of our O.G pink bike cleaner and makes light work of muck and grime.

Some bike cleaners out there have a carbon footprint bigger than the Jurassic Park T-Rex, but not us. We’re always looking for new ways to reduce our plastic and water usage along with our CO2 output; so we got cracking on the epic task of developing the ultimate powder-based cleaner! Over three years, we tested and tinkered with hundreds of versions until we landed on the one. Formulated using the latest technological advancements and the finest biodegradable ingredients (75% of which are plant-based!) our newest creation is not only incredibly safe for you and the environment, but also for all bikes and finishes.

At Muc-Off, we don’t do things by halves. Punk Powder delivers the signature cleaning power you’ve come to expect, but with readily biodegradable ingredients and 92% less packaging than two of our standard 1L bottles it truly is a guilt-free gleam! The fast-dissolving formula means it’s ready for use within seconds of water being added, and if you want to go full eco-warrior you can even use collected rainwater! Simply reuse your old Muc-Off bottle or grab one of our new aluminum Bottles for Life and get busy cleaning – it even works with our pressure washer to create an awesome foam for the fastest clean possible.

It’s not just the powder that’s green and mean (on grime), but the packaging too. It’s 100% plastic-free, and each sachet is compostable (certified to EN 13432 standard) and made from renewable raw materials. We’ve even used vegetable-based inks!

From production right through to the powder itself, sustainability is built in. So you can shred hard, with a clean bike and conscience. Punk Powder is the future of bike cleaning – the future is here!

  • Makes 4x liters of bike cleaner
  • 100% plastic-free packaging
  • Readily biodegradable ingredients
  • 100% water-free
  • Refill your old bottle and help reduce plastic waste
  • 92% saving in packaging compared to 4 x 1L bike cleaner
  • 100% environmentally friendly ingredients, including plant-based raw materials
  • Supplied in a compostable sachet and printed with vegetable inks
  • FSC recycled card box containing 4 x sachets – that makes 4L of bike cleaner
  • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fiber
  • Will not harm seals, cables, disc brake pads, or rotors
  • Alkaline-based and free from alcohol, CFCs, EDTA, solvents, or acids
  • Vegan & vegetarian friendly
  • Cruelty-free, not tested on animals

Sachet Instructions

  • Grab your empty old bottle of Muc-Off. (You may need a pair of adjustable pliers to remove the trigger from the bottle). Or purchase our Bottle for Life.
  • Fill up to the shoulders of the bottle with 1 liter of lukewarm water for faster formula activation!
  • Carefully cut one corner of the sachet open along the diagonal cut lines.
  • You can carefully pour the sachet straight into the top of the bottle. Or using the box, fold the inside of the lid together using the printed lines as a guide and use this as a funnel to pour the powder into your bottle. (Please see our video for full instructions on this.
  • Screw your spray trigger back onto the top of the bottle. Ensure it’s tight!
  • Shake the bottle vigorously for 30-60 seconds to activate the formula. If you notice any undissolved powder simply keep shakin’ it!
  • Go clean that filthy bike!

Bike Cleaning Instructions

  • Rinse the bike thoroughly before applying Bike Cleaner.
  • Spray the Bike Cleaner onto the entire bike including components and leave for 3-5 minutes.
  • Agitate any stubborn grime with a brush or sponge.
  • Rinse the entire bike thoroughly with fresh, clean water.

Top Tip

Don’t forget to always protect components after washing with our MO-94, Bike Protect, or HCB-1 and your frame and suspension using our Silicone Shine! This will help reduce dirt adhesion between washes and make maintenance easier!


  • Unused sealed sachets should be stored inside the box in a well-ventilated, dry place and protected from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight.
  • Can be stored for up to 3 years.


  • Each sachet contains 30g of powder.
  • 4 x 30g sachets per carton box.

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