Pedros Pro Brush Kit - BUMSONTHESADDLE
Pedros Pro Brush Kit - BUMSONTHESADDLE
Pedros Pro Brush Kit - BUMSONTHESADDLE
Pedros Pro Brush Kit - BUMSONTHESADDLE
Pedros Pro Brush Kit - BUMSONTHESADDLE

Pedros Pro Brush Kit


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Pro Brush Kit

Brush Set for Full Bicycle Cleaning

A clean bike is a happy bike! Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bicycle maintenance ensuring better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, increased life of all parts of the bike, and more fun on your next ride! Pedro's Pro Brush Kit offers a set of four unique brushes designed specifically to easily and quickly clean all parts of the bike. Made with the user experience and durability in mind, each brush's ergonomic handle fits well in your hand while offering unmatched durability. The bristles of each brush, which vary in diameter, length, and density, have been selected to provide a balance of durability, cleaning performance, and gentleness to match each brush's intended usage.


The Large Frame and Wheel Brush is perfect for quickly cleaning large areas of the bike like the frame, fork, tires, and more. The large surface area and low stiffness bristles easily and quickly cover large areas.

The Toothbrush is designed to tackle the drivetrain and is ideal for cleaning chains, cogs, derailleurs, and chainrings. The ergonomic handle is paired with two purpose-built brush features. The tapering length bristles up front are designed to scrub the intricate surfaces of chains, chainrings, and cassettes while at the opposite end, longer, stiffer, larger-diameter bristles reach deep between the cassette cogs removing even the deepest dirt and grime.

The Cone Brush is perfect for tackling hard-to-reach spots on frames, forks, and wheels. Designed with a tapering array of small diameter bristles, the cone brush can be pushed into tight areas other brushes cannot reach.

The Parts Cleaning Brush is designed for applying degreaser. This brush works like a paintbrush with long dense bristles which effectively hold degreaser and allow it to be painted onto all surfaces of drivetrain parts.

The Pro Brush Kit loves some help from Pedro's cleaner product lineup. The frame brush and cone brush pair perfectly with Green Fizz and the Toothbrush and parts cleaning brush pair best with Oranj Peelz, Degreaser 13, and Pig Juice.

  • Large Frame and Wheel Brush

  • Toothbrush; ideal for cogs, derailleurs, and chainrings.

  • Cone brush for hard-to-reach spots.

  • Parts cleaning brush for applying degreaser.

  • Perfect when paired with Pedro's cleaner and degreaser products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Not sure if I can summarise

Used it with Blub biodegreaser; felt like having to be too much aggressive with brush for degreasing drivetrain components; although bristles felt to be of good quality however dunno how long will they last, going by the current use. Really not convinced if "toothbrush" and "parts cleaning brush" justified their purpose fully, especially the backend of the toothbrush (felt no use for it), so much so that during cleaning I felt oral toothbrush would do better but I couldn't have been more wrong, old toothbrush didn't stand a chance before the grime I was against; also giving the bike to a local service shop did cross my mind, considering the effort and time I invested into it, didn't feel worth it; if not for the love I have for cycling and my bike.
Plus I am not sure if my experience was not satisfactory due to grime being too tough for the brush and biodegreaser combination I was using or me performing maintenance by myself for the first time that too after having ridden for >400kms without servicing in-between; would try other biodegreaser available in the market and update the review. (I waited almost 15 mins before brushing and after applying degreaser)
Felt the kit to be incomplete without the chain cleaning tool which now I feel would have made task a lot more easy and am seriously considering buying one of those.
Still price is competitive and had read about Pedros story as brand; and was impressed that these guys have been around from since 1989, when I was born and their team working with small family run businesses for manufacturing

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