Rotor 3D30 Compact Road Crank

The 3D30 crank impresses with forged quality and CNC-milled precision. With a 30mm axle diameter, UBB30 technology and TDS Trinity Drilling System, the 3D30 offers the perfect balance of weight and rigidity. The BCD110 Spider allows a wide range without sacrificing rigidity.

  • Forged, machined 

  • suitable for oval and round chainrings (must be ordered separately) 

  • compatible with 9-, 10- and 11-speed drives


Alu 7075
Aerospace Aluminum Alloy 7075 offers excellent physical properties for building parts such as Q-Rings and REX 3 and 3D24 cranks. 

Rotor CNC cranks are stiffer than the competitors' cranksets thanks to the Trinity Drilling System (TDS). In this procedure, three full holes are drilled from the bottom bracket to the pedal. This creates a box-like grid, similar to a box girder bridge. As a result, the cranks are extremely stiff and still lose weight, whereby an outstanding relationship between stiffness and weight is achieved. 

UBB system
The UBB System (Universal Bottom Bracket) allows Rotor to use both 24mm and 30mm axle diameter, making it compatible with almost all frames on the market.

  • Series: 3D 

  • Material Crank Arms: Aluminum (7075-T6) 

  • Material Axle: Aluminum 

  • Crank arm length: 170.0 mm, 172.5 mm, 175.0 mm 

  • Chain line: 43.5 mm 

  • Q factor: 148 mm 

  • Axle diameter: 30 mm 

  • Compatible case width (for BSA bottom bracket ): 68 mm

  • bottom bracket (recommended): BSA , BB386EVO , BB86 , PF30 

  • 1 x crank arm rotor 3D30, right 

  • 1 x crank arm rotor 3D30, left 

  • 1 x crank axle rotor 

  • 1 x crank screw rotor 

  • 2 x spacer 11.5 mm 

  • 2 x plastic disc 

  • 1 x chainring bolt set rotor, 10-piece 

  • without chainrings 

  • without bottom bracket

Type: Cranksets

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