Shimano FD-M610 Deore Front Derailleur - 10 Speed

Shimano FD-M610 Deore Front Derailleur - 10 Speed


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SHIMANO DEORE - Front Derailleur - TOP SWING - Clamp Band Mount - 3x10-speed

The SHIMANO DEORE M610 series front derailleurs provide reliable, accurate 3x10 speed shifting. They are available in a variety of formats to suit most mountain bike frames.

  • 50mm Chainline
  • Bright pearl cage finish
  • Painted inner, outer link & clamp
  • Front Derailleur Clamp: 28.6 (1-1/8")/31.8 (1-1/4")/34.9 (1-3/8")
  • Crank-FD Type: Mountain Triple
  • Chain Compatibility: DynaSys 10
  • Front Derailleur Cable Pull: Bottom/Top
  • Front Derailleur Style: Topswing
  • Max Ring: 42 teeth
  • Derailleur Capacity: 18
  • FD/Shifter Compatibility: Mountain Triple


SHIMANO’s next generation 10-speed MTB drivetrain
SHIMANO presents the drivetrain technology for mountain bikes: DYNA-SYS. This revolutionary technology uses a 10-speed cassette, but that is not the only feature of this system. Highlight is a completely redesigned drivetrain that creates real added benefits for the rider.
It’s not only an extra gear…
It’s about closer gear ratios for a smoother shifting performance and improved power transfer
It’s about riding optimized gear combinations that improve efficiency and durability
It’s all about performance: DYNA-SYS offers a more stable drivetrain for any type of rider!

Inherently Efficient

A wider-range 11-36T 10-speed HG cassette means riders can spend more time in their Primary Driving Gear—the 32-tooth ring. Traditionally, triple-ring riders have had to get used to making two to three recovery shifts in the back every time they drop into the 22T granny. With DYNA-SYS, it’s just one recovery shift, and it’s needed less often. Shifting is smoother and faster thanks to CloseStep gear ratios—42-32-24. Getting from the 24-tooth ring back into the Primary Driving Gear—the middle ring—is easier and more intuitive. And a more manageable 42-tooth big-ring is also easier to get into, which means riders will use it more. DYNA-SYS technology makes the shifting transitions seamless, enabling riders to deliver consistent, efficient power while maintaining traction and momentum.

When pedaling in steep climbing sections...


Combining wider gear ratios with the CloseStep chainring minimises cadence change and pedalling loss, making power transfer more efficient.

Remarkably Stable

An asymmetrical mountain bike-specific chain means smoother shifts, lighter weight, and better overall system performance. CloseStep gear ratios mean smaller jumps between gears, more efficient chain movement and a reduced chance of dropping a chain while shifting in rough conditions.

The more efficiently redesigned cable routing and shorter rear derailleur housing helps make the system less prone to contamination, trail chatter or suspension movement. The Compact Cage rear derailleur and a smaller big-ring allow for fewer chain links, which translates to a quieter, more stable transmission. The Long-Arm rear derailleur architecture increases the mechanical advantage for Advanced Light Action shifting.

DYNA-SYS CloseStep gears are based on the 32T middle chainring, helping make overall power transfer more efficient

  • The 32T is the most effective and most often used chainring in off-road riding.
  • DYNA-SYS Technology minimises the variation in driving chain position relative to most bikes’ effective main pivot, reducing unwanted influence on suspension performance.

HG-X Chain

Further evolution of shifting performance
A directional mountain bike specific 10-speed HG-X chain means smoother shifts, lighter weight and greater overall performance.
HG-X directional chain: Outer side is optimized for front shifting and inner side is optimized for rear shifting.


Outer side parts


Inner side parts


Special 10-speed Chain for MTB

  • Designed for MTB riding conditions: High 
  • Torque pedaling and muddy conditions.
  • Durable: Lightweight holes on the link plate are filled.
  • Mud shedding: Consistent shifting performance under muddy conditions.

* HG-X chain is not compatible with other road 10-speed systems.


The side with the mark shown in the illustration is the forward side (outer side).


SIDE SWING Front Derailleur

Horizontal movement follows the chain direction
Smooth & efficient front shifting effort


More tire clearance for larger wheels

  • No linkage behind seat tube
  • Freedom to reduce chainstay length

50% More Powerful Outward Shifting (FD-M9020)


Wider Chainstay Angle Increases Traction Range (FD-M9020)



TOP SWING Front Derailleur

Because the moving pivot section is set at a higher position and combined with a shorter link, the rigidity is higher; so quick and light shifting is possible.

Recommended use  MTB
Speed 10 speed
Compatibility 3x
Clamp size  31.8, 28.6, 34.9 
Weight  -